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"New Chamber Music" Album


Within the next few years, Jackson plans to record and release his first full-length album of orginal compositions.  The disc will consist of five chamber and solo pieces Jackson has composed since graduating from Northwestern State University in May 2013.  Jackson views all of these as mature compositions, although each represents a different facet of his compositional language.


Jackson plans for this to be a high-quality recording.  If you would like to assist with Jackson's financial obligations to this project, please consider making a secure online donation through Jackson's Go Fund Me page.  Jackson will also be hiring musicians to learn and perform these works.  Please message Jackson via the Contact page if you are interested in participating in this project as a performer.


This project is, albeit, in its early stages, but please continue to check back over the next few months for updates.  When CDs are available for purchase, this page will also become the hub for sales.


Compositions to be Included on "New Chamber Music":


Tracks 1-3.  Trio for clarinet, double bass, & piano, Op. 20 'Jazz Cats'

I. That Cat-Walking Bass (approx. 5 mins.)

II. Midnight Serenade (approx. 3 mins.)

III. Cool Cat Jazzy-caglia (approx. 3 mins.)


Tracks 4-6.  Studies for solo cello, Op. 19a

No. 1 Tempo = 110 BPM (approx. 3 mins.)

No. 2 Tempo = 110 BPM (approx. 1 mins., 30 secs.)

No. 3 Tempo = 120 BPM (approx. 2 mins.)


Tracks 7-9.  Piano Trio, Op. 18 (violin, cello, & piano)

I. Tempo = 120 BPM (approx. 3 mins.)

II. Tempo = 54 BPM (approx. 4 mins.)

III. Tempo = 110 BPM (approx. 3 mins.)


Tracks 10-13.  Suite for solo guitar, Op. 21

I. Leyenda (approx. 4 mins.)

II. Blues (approx. 2 mins.)

III. Scherzo (approx. 2 mins.)

IV. Fugue (approx. 2 mins.)


Tracks 14-17.  String Quartet No. 2 (2 violins, viola, & cello) [in progress]

Slow - Fast - Slow - Fast (approx. 7 mins. so far)

Be a part of Jackson's debut album "New Chamber Music."  Make your pledge today at the Support page!

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