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Educational Outreach


Jackson believes it is vital that young people be exposed to classical music.  Because classical music is misunderstood and underappreciated by many people within American society, most children grow-up either without any contact with classical music or, worse, fearing they might be forced to listen to it someday.  As these children become adults, these views usually become even more rigid.


A confident and dynamic speaker, Jackson offers lectures on classical music geared towards high school and college students.  He is also able to present to adult audiences  those familiar and unfamiliar with classical music.  Additionally, Jackson can connect you with local musicians who would be glad to visit with your students themselves.  Please message Jackson via the Contact page to discuss opportunities for educational outreach.  Scan the list below for potential presentation topics.


Music Topics Jackson Can Discuss With Your Classes:


What Is "Classical Music" And Why Does It Matter?

An Introduction to the Great Composers – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Adams

An Overview of Jackson's Compositions and What Does It Mean To Be A Contemporary Composer?

"Kill Da Wabbit!" – Classical Music Heard in Classic Cartoons

Alternative Art Music – Listening to Jazz, Rock, and the Popular Genres More Seriously

Attending the Symphony – Concert Etiquette and What It All Means

"The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" – Understanding Orchestral Instruments via Benjamin Britten

A Look at Upcoming Concerts in Central Louisiana

Learning from the Past:  The Influence of Johann Sebastian Bach upon the Soviet Composers

For the Birds? – The Aesthetics of Post-Tonal Music

Any other topic Jackson has written about as listed on the Program Notes or Articles & Essays pages


Recent Presentations:

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