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Explore my full catalog of compositions below, including works with opus numbers, current projects, and arrangements. Click on highlighted titles for program notes and listening samples. Contact me to request performance materials for a completed composition or to commission a new project. Read even more about my compositions including aesthetic considerations and structural properties at MusicCentral.

Analyzing sound spectra at the University of Louisville Electronic Music Studio

Works with Opus Numbers

Dark Organ, Op. 1, electronic (2008-09)

Trumpets, Op. 2, electronic (2009)

Six Electronic Poems, Op. 3 (2008-10)

Sound Tracts, Op. 4, electronic (2009)

Quintet with Three Drones, Op. 5, electronic (2009)

Studies for Player Piano, Set I, Op. 6 (2009-11)

Voices, Op. 7, electronic (2011)

Sonatina in Lydian, Op. 8 for solo piano (2009-10)

Six Electronic Poems, Op. 9 (2009-11)

Trio in Phrygian, Op. 10 for piano, flute, and cello (2009-10)

Sonata in Phyrigan, Op. 10a for two harpsichords (2009-10)

Contrapunctus I, Op. 11 for three cellos (2009-10, rev. 2010-11)

Two Etudes in E minor, Op. 12 for solo harpsichord (2010-11)

Two Etudes in E minor, Op. 12a for oboe and cello (2010-11)

Studies for Player Piano, Set II, Op. 13 (2009-13)

Two Movements, Op. 14 for string quartet (2011-12)

Two Organ Preludes, Op. 15 (2010-12)

Theme and Variations in G minor, Op. 16 for cello and harpsichord (2011)

Funeral March for a Dead Twelve-Toner, Op. 17 for solo piano (2011)

Piano Trio, Op. 18 (2011-14)

Studies for Player Piano in Concert, Set I, Op. 19 (2012-14)

Three Studies, Op. 19a for solo cello (2012-13; 15)

Concertino, Op. 19b for trombone and electronics (2013-14; 16)

Trio, Op. 20 'Jazz Cats' for clarinet (or saxophone), double bass, and piano (2013-14)

Suite for Solo Guitar, Op. 21 (2015)

Tremblement de terre, Op. 24 for solo harpsichord (2012-14)

Étude Spectrale I, Op. 27, electronic (2017)

Current Projects

Organ Symphony, Op. 22 based on Gregorian chant melodies

Zarzuela, Op. 26 for electronics and ensemble

Étude Spectrale II for four trombones


Bach: Fugue in G minor, BWV 542 for twelve solo instrumentalists (2016)

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